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Water Quality Monitoring With Remote Data Access

The need for remote data access for water quality monitoring stations is on the rise. Not only is there a significant cost involved in sending personnel into the field but there are also safety concerns in working in, over, and near the water. In addition, staff shortages can result in “stretching” out the time between site visits increasing the risk for lost data due to equipment fouling, dead batteries, damaged equipment mounts, etc.

Remote data access can be achieved in a number of ways. The most common is a data logger and cell modem such as the Teledyne Isco 2105ci Interface Module which is capable of interfacing with most common types of water quality, water level, rainfall, and flow monitoring equipment as well as automatic samplers. Not only can this device communicate with Teledyne Isco devices but it can be easily configure to read information from third party instrumentation and from multiple devices at the same time. The 2105ci can be programmed to store measurements from external devices at user selected intervals. It will monitor the recorded data and take intelligent actions, such as sampler enabling, pacing, and/or alarm generation, based on user-specified conditions.

Data stored on the 2105ci can be downloaded on demand using Isco’s Flowlink software or many of our customers prefer to have access to data via a secure website so data can be viewed from any computer with an internet connection. In these cases customers choose to have data hosted by a third party. Third party data hosting eliminates the need for expensive software licensing, allows data access from virtually anywhere, and eliminates the cost and headache of maintaining your own server.

In this application we have a 2105ci, and In-Situ, Inc. TROLL 9500 Water Quality Instrument powered by a battery and 40 watt solar panel. The TROLL 9500 is located in the pipe to the left of the storm box. Data from the Troll 9500 ASCII data string is converted to SDI-12 using an In-Situ, Inc. SDI-12 adapter. The 2105ci module is then used to read the signal transmitted from the water quality instrument, ultimately storing and pushing data to our online server for interactive retrieval via a secure website.

For more information on remote communication options for your water quality monitoring project, please contact us.

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