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SmarTROLL Multiparameter Probe

In-Situ’s New SmarTROLL System

In-Situ, Inc. has announced the release of the new SmarTROLL Multiparameter Probe with smartphone app.  The SmarTROLL multiprobe system measures pH/ORP, conductivity, DO (optical), water level, salinity, TDS, resistivity, density, as well as air temperature and barometric pressure.  The SmarTROLL multiprobe connects via cable to a battery pack with Bluetooth communications and up to 80 hours of continuous use battery life.  The data is transmitted via Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod running the iSitu app.  The iSitu mobile app is a user friendly app that automatically connects to the SmarTROLL and is easily configured to allow you to calibrate the probe, log data, and email calibration and data files using your phone’s data plan or using a wireless internet connection.  There’s even an app for low flow sampling that logs your stabilization data for you and allows you to manually add turbidity readings from a handheld turbidimeter.

The SmarTROLL uses the best of In-Situ’s sensor technology including In-Situ’s RDO sensor with an even faster response time than previous versions, a rebuildable pH/ORP sensor, and a horizontally oriented conductivity sensor for bubble shedding.  All of this with a price tag starting under $3,000!

For more information, please contact your local rep.

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