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Various Techniques For Flow Measurement At Wastewater Lagoons

C.C. LynchThere is a stir in flow measurement into and out of sewer lagoons. More and more, we are asked about influent flow measurement for sewer lagoon(s); as engineers try to get a idea on influent flow characteristics; such as peak, dry vs. wet (I&I) and influent load.  Many influent lines can be a challenge; as they have not, yet, been designed with flow metering in mind.

This post is a look at a different techniques for flow measurement at wastewater lagoons; using brief application videos (1-2 mins).

No Weir? No Flume? No Problem!


Measuring Gravity Influent Flow At A Wastewater Lagoon 




Measuring Pumped Influent Flow At A Wastewater Lagoon  


While effluent flow measurement may seem old hat, different techniques might provide enhancement to traditional flow measurement.


Sewer Lagoon Effluent Flow Measurement:  An Alternative Approach


For over 40 years, CC Lynch has instrumented flow measurement applications; throughout the watershed and across the Gulf South States.  We are always happy to review your application and offer recommendations, prices, specifications and prints.


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