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Ultra Low-Flow Strainers for ISCO Sampler

ISCO’s Special Products Department has developed both 3/8” and ¼” strainers for ultra low-flow applications.

PN 60-5304-719 – SPA 719 – $176.00 is a 3/8-inch stainless steel strainer with Three 3/8-inch holes oriented toward bottom via a 2-inch square plate. It is 7-inches long and is 7/8-inch tall.

PN 60-5304-762 – SPA 762 – $ 129.00 is a 1/4-inch Stainless Steel Strainer with a single 1/4-inch hole located on the bottom with a 2-inch square plate. It is 3-inches long and is 1/2-inch tall.

For more information on these strainers or other sampling accessories please contact your nearest representative.

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