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Teledyne RDI RiverRay ADCP Performance Upgrade Package

Teledyne RDI is pleased to announce the availability of its new Performance Upgrade Package for the highly popular RiverRay ADCP system.

RiverRay revolutionized the measurement of flow and discharge in rivers and streams with its flexible design and adaptive technology.  Now, the RiverRay is taken to the next level with the new Performance Package Upgrade. This powerful upgrade delivers key enhancements designed to make your measurements faster, easier and more accurate than ever before.

Effective immediately, all RiverRay ADCP systems will include this Performance Package at no additional charge. Customers with existing RiverRays can upgrade their system to achieve the same superior results.

The performance package upgrade includes:

1. Teledyne RDI’s ISM compass module (as used in StreamPro), which replaces the Honeywell compass. The ISM compass delivers:

  •  a significantly improved compass calibration procedure (no more wondering what the numbers mean and whether the calibration is good or not.)
  • improved heading data quality, which results in:
    • more reliable loop moving bed tests
    • improved data quality when using GPS (with reduced potential for left/right bias in your discharge data.)

2. Increased transmit power. More power in the water column means:

  • Increased range for profiling (60 meters) and bottom tracking (100 meters)
  • improved data quality in low backscatter environments

3. Firmware enhancements, which allow for:

  • Improved pulse coherent mode of operation in shallow, low backscatter environments
  • Improved surface bin data quality
  • More accurate depth measurement

This Performance Package also includes the following enhancements to WinRiver II Software:

1. Updated to seamlessly support the new ISM Compass in RiverRay ADCPs

2. Now supports the ISM compass calibration process, which provides improved feedback and error handling during the calibration process.

3. The integration of LC (Loop Correction) and SMBA (Stationary Moving Bed Analysis), which offers:

  1. Immediate feedback on results of loop and stationary moving bed tests
  2. Integrated calculation of discharge adjustments due to moving bed conditions (no need to use an external program)
  3. Discharge adjustments for moving bed included in your Q Measurement Summary Report


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