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Teledyne Isco SPA Department Solution Spotlight – Automatic Sampler Controlled by Lift Station

One of the best things about working with Isco is their SPA (special product applications) department. Over the years, Bob Hampl and crew have developed hundreds of special products for applications that require something more than the standard products offer. With SPA products we can:

  • Interface to non Isco equipment to control a sampler or for the sampler to control an external device.
  • Bring in data from other sensors to an Isco flow meter or sampler via 4-20 mA, MODBUS, SDI-12, and pulses, etc.
  • Supply special length cables, cables with connectors to a variety of non-ISCO equipment, and sensors and cables with special coatings for high temp and/or highly corrosive environments.
  • Provide specialty bottle configurations, suction lines, strainers and systems for sampling from pressurized lines.

The list of SPA products is always growing, with Bob always ready to tackle something new, so starting this month we will highlight various SPA products and how they were used to overcome a particular application challenge.

We recently worked with a brewery that was in need of a sampler to monitor process water that is discharged to the city, but like a lot of industries they have intermittent flow.  For this application we needed a way to enable the sampler to collect samples only when the brewery’s lift station was pumping. We discussed the installation of a flow meter, but at this time flow measurement was not needed so we used:

SPA 790. Custom length Cable for non-Isco external control of Isco Samplers Models 6712/Avalanche/GLS/3700. Cable provides pins ‘B’ and ‘F’ for connection to customer’s unpowered switch or contact. When closed, this will disable the sampler. Customer may hook this cable to floats, relay alarms, etc. to control when they want the sampler program to run. Maximum length of 1,000 ft.

We had the cable made to a custom length that allowed us to interface it to a relay at the lift station approximately 75’ from the sampling point. The 6712 portable sampler was programmed to take a 100 ml sample when enabled by the relay and every 5 minutes thereafter, with the 5 minute timer being reset every time the sampler was enabled.  This allows for a sample to be collected every time the lift station is pumping and allows for more than one sample to be taken in the event of a longer than normal pumping cycle.

Additional uses we have found for SPA 790 include enabling a sampler when a valve or gate is opened and enabling a sampler from a data logger or PLC.

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