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Teledyne Isco Flowlink Update Now Available

Teledyne Isco Flowlink Software version 5.12.052 has just been released. Major improvements associated with this version are described below:

Version 5.12.052 Major Improvements:

  • Data download time from the Signature® flow meter (firmware version 1.19 or higher) has been significantly decreased.
  • In response to Signature flow meter customer requests, the method of download (USB or Flowlink) will now be indicated in the Flowlink History Report.
  • The Signature flow meter customer can now use the Automatic Download feature of the Flowlink Wakeup monitor.
  • USB COM ports are now refreshed by opening any connect screen. In previous versions, the customer was required to close, and then reopen Flowlink.
  • The default database file format has been changed from .MDB to .SDB for efficient access to large databases.
  • Flowlink is now able to merge Signature flow meter datasets.
  • The rare, intermittent issue of incorrect time synchronization between stacked 2100 series modules has been resolved.

For a complete list of enhancements and corrections, refer to the “Release_Notes.txt” file included with Flowlink version 5.12.052.

This free Teledyne Isco Flowlink 5.1 update can be downloaded from the Software/Firmware Updates link located on the left navigation menu of the Isco public website or by clicking the following link http://www.isco.com/support/updates.asp.  Once you have reached the destination page, select the Open Channel Flow Measurement folder and then the Flowlink 5.1 Download subfolder. The serial number of your current Flowlink version will be required in order to download the update. The serial number can be found under the “HELP” tab in Flowlink (“About Flowlink”).

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