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Teledyne Isco Flow Calc App for iPhone and iPad

Teledyne Isco introduces “Isco FlowCalc,” an iPhone/iPad app that calculates flow rates in open, non-full channels and pipes. Teledyne Isco is the first company in the world to provide these features in an application for mobile devices.

The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store using following link:


With this app users are able to spot-check the performance of installed flow monitoring systems, or verify that newly installed flow meters are configured correctly. This app includes level-to-flow rate calculations for primary devices and area-velocity flow rate calculations for a variety of conduit shapes. Convenient sliders simplify data input for use on site.

Users can view flow rate units as cubic feet per second (cfs), gallons per minute (gpm), or million gallons per day (mgd). By changing the app settings to SI units, the app can display flow rates as liters per second (lps) or cubic meters per hour (m3h).

Users can save frequently-used calculations as Favorites. This handy feature stores calculations by site name and can include map locations when GPS data is available.

All flow rate calculations are based on equations published in the Isco Open Channel Flow Measurement Handbook, Sixth Edition.


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