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Teledyne Isco 2150 Flow Meter Found After Hurricane Isaac

For several years the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has utilized 3 Teledyne Isco 2150 Area Velocity Flow Meters to monitor freshwater flow into Coastal marshes. The Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion Project takes sediment laden freshwater from the Mississippi River and allows it to flow into the marsh providing nutrients and sediment needed to restore land. Some of the marshes adjacent to the diversion channels have levees and culverts that allow freshwater into the marsh while keeping salt water out. The Teledyne Isco 2150 flow meters measure the flow into and out of these marshes by measuring water level and velocity within these culverts. While the 2150 is mainly used in sewer collection systems it is used here because of its rugged design. In August 2012 that was put to the test during Hurricane Isaac; where the 2150 flow meters were found still on the levee after the storm and amazingly still measuring collecting data.

A review of the data shows that these meters were submerged under 13 ft of water for over 12 hours. Does this mean we can call it hurricane proof??


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