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Tech Tips from In-Situ, Inc.’s Tech Support

Tech Tip #1

RuggedReader Handheld PC acting slow or not responding? Think of it as a small computer that sometimes runs into errors. One way to keep it running better is to reboot it regularly like you do your PC. To do this, hold down the Power button for a few seconds until the Power button menu appears and then select Reset. If it is completely frozen, hold the Power button until the screen goes blank and the green light comes on. Need more information? Please read the RuggedReader Troubleshooting Guide.

Tech Tip #2

Whether it’s the end of the season and you’re storing equipment or the beginning of the season and you’re getting ready to deploy equipment, regular maintenance is something you should be thinking about. To prolong the life of your equipment and to keep moisture out of your equipment, you should regularly inspect, lubricate, and replace O-rings. Vented units should also have properly maintained desiccants. Learn more maintenance tips in the Aqua TROLL and Level TROLL Care and Maintenance Guide.


Tech Tip #3

Did you know that the New Aqua TROLL 400 can automatically compensate dissolved oxygen measurements for both barometric pressure and salinity when used in combination with our Con TROLL® PRO System?

When you are in the Settings menu, under options for the Aqua TROLL 400 on the Con TROLL PRO, you can enable or disable both of these features or set static compensation values. To learn more about using the Con TROLL PRO with the Aqua TROLL 400, please refer to the manual.


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