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3 Reasons to Rent Water Monitoring Equipment from the Manufacturer

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on the In-Situ blog in May 2015. There are several reasons you might consider renting environmental sampling equipment: maybe it just makes more sense to rent equipment for a project rather than buy it, or perhaps you want to try the product before you make the commitment. Whatever the…

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The New In-Situ smarTroll RDO Handheld

How about a dedicated dissolved oxygen probe that you can use with your smartphone?  The new smarTROLL RDO Handheld uses In-Situ’s robust optical RDO sensor which is one of the few on the market today with EPA approval for DO, BOD, and CBOD measurement.

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Water Quality Monitoring With Remote Data Access

The need for remote data access for water quality monitoring stations is on the rise. Not only is there a significant cost involved in sending personnel into the field but there are also safety concerns in working in, over, and near the water. In addition, staff shortages can result in “stretching” out the time between…

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Real-Time Monitoring Benefits Remediation Specialists Using Reductive Dechlorination

Water Quality Monitoring in real-time benefits remediation projects that are using reductive chlorination.  This presentation by Dr. Clint Bickmore of OnMaterials  and Ashley Steinbach of In-Situ, Inc. discusses abiotic degradation and enhanced bioremediation lab studies and field examples that ultimately help understand what will be required in the field (such as process design).

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Real-Time Monitoring of Water and DNAPL Levels Using Level TROLL 500 Instruments

In-Situ, Inc. Technical Note October 2011 A dense non-aqueous phase liquid, or DNAPL, is a substance that is denser than water and only slightly soluble. Because of these properties, DNAPLs introduced into the environment generally sink below the water table and may migrate down through an aquifer. This can pose risks to the environment and…

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Real Time Water Quality Monitoring on Rivers

Long term water quality monitoring on rivers can be an arduous chore; and very expensive.  The cost of sending teammates into the field continues to skyrocket, especially when it is over water; not to mention the inherent safety concerns. All this for what amounts to a ‘snap-shot’ of water quality at the time of measurement…

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In-Situ, Inc. Releases the New AquaTROLL 400

Configuring your instrument can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. The compact Aqua TROLL 400 Instrument from In-Situ Inc., simplifies decision making by offering a standard suite of six sensors.  Connect the Aqua TROLL 400 to existing equipment and start measuring 12 parameters:

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