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Gravity Flow Measurement in Smaller Pipes – Application Toolkit Part 2

ISCO Flow Metering Inserts Gravity flow measurement in smaller pipes (6 – 12 inches) can present challenges; from access, to technique and cost.  With everything below grade, access tends to be the final manhole; out near the site’s perimeter. In these cases, ISCO’s Flow Metering Inserts can play an important role in our Application Toolkit.…

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The Thelmar Weir – Insertable Volumetric Weir for Flow Measurement in Pipes

Thelmar Insertable Volumetric Weirs are commonly used for temporary flow measurement in a pipe, or manhole; with relatively low flows.   The Thelmar weir is calibrated compound weir that is inserted into the invert of a pipe and incorporates a 90° v-notch for measuring lower end of the range; then opens into a rectangular weir at…

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