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Monitoring Water Level At Remote Locations

If you need to monitor water level and rainfall at remote locations it can be done for under $2500 with the In-Situ, Inc. TROLL Link 101 and LevelTROLL.  The TROLL Link 101 is a GSM cell modem based system that can transmit data from LevelTROLLs, AquaTROLLs, and TROLL 9500’s to a secure data center hosted…

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In-Situ, Inc. Extra Large Desiccant for TROLL Instruments

In-Situ, Inc. released an Extra Large Desiccant for their LevelTROLL 500/700, AquaTROLL 200, and TROLL 9500 instruments.  Properly maintaining the desiccant on a vented pressure transducer is essential to its operation.  A vented pressure transducer must maintain an open pathway to the atmosphere from the backside of the strain gauge in order to cancel out the effects…

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