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Measuring River Discharge – The Great Mississippi River Flood of 2011

Measuring River Discharge is a common project as the Gulf South representative of Teledyne RD Instruments.  We are often called in to support important measurements.  During the record flood event in spring 2011, we demonstrated the capability of the RDI RiverRay ADCP for the USACE ERDC.  Their local support consultant Dimco, needed a capable Acoustic…

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Flow Measurement at an Industrial Outfall Using the Index-Velocity Rating Method

Channels with a large depth to width aspect ratio present a challenge when it comes to accurately measuring flow rates in real time.  The index velocity method provides a solution for real time flow rate reporting in situations where traditional stage-discharge ratings are not possible.  The index velocity method uses a mathematical model to calculate…

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Teledyne RDI RiverRay ADCP Performance Upgrade Package

Teledyne RDI is pleased to announce the availability of its new Performance Upgrade Package for the highly popular RiverRay ADCP system. RiverRay revolutionized the measurement of flow and discharge in rivers and streams with its flexible design and adaptive technology.  Now, the RiverRay is taken to the next level with the new Performance Package Upgrade.

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