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3 Reasons to Rent Water Monitoring Equipment from the Manufacturer

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on the In-Situ blog in May 2015. There are several reasons you might consider renting environmental sampling equipment: maybe it just makes more sense to rent equipment for a project rather than buy it, or perhaps you want to try the product before you make the commitment. Whatever the…

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5 Ways to Improve Groundwater Sampling and Testing at Fracking Sites

Originally providing instrumentation for in-situ uranium mining, In-Situ®Inc. understands groundwater—-from groundwater sampling to aquifer testing.  If you are looking for proven methods and reliable equipment to meet regulations for hydraulic fracturing we recommend partnering with a company, like In-Situ®Inc. that’s been working with mining professionals since 1976.  In-Situ has shared with us 5 ways to improve groundwater sampling…

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Low Flow Groundwater Sampling Simplified

Low flow groundwater sampling has become the norm for collecting groundwater samples during preliminary groundwater investigations, long-term groundwater monitoring, and during remedial activities.  By using low flow purging and sampling techniques groundwater samples can be collected from a monitoring well that are representative of the groundwater within the formation adjacent to the well screen without…

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