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5 Ways to Improve Groundwater Sampling and Testing at Fracking Sites

Originally providing instrumentation for in-situ uranium mining, In-Situ®Inc. understands groundwater—-from groundwater sampling to aquifer testing.  If you are looking for proven methods and reliable equipment to meet regulations for hydraulic fracturing we recommend partnering with a company, like In-Situ®Inc. that’s been working with mining professionals since 1976.  In-Situ has shared with us 5 ways to improve groundwater sampling…

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Win-Situ 5 Software Updates Save Time

Industry leading software company Win-Situ recently announced their latest version of software is now available with new features to improve workflow.  The Win-Situ 5 software updates will save time and reduce the challenges of 24/7 demand.

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Teledyne Isco Refrigerated Sampler Trade-In Program

For the first quarter of 2013 Teledyne Isco is running a refrigerated sampler trade-in program. Customers can trade in their refrigerated samplers, Isco or competitors’ brand, for $700 towards the purchase of a new Isco 5800 refrigerated sampler.  The age of the sampler does not matter.  We only ask that the sampler trade in unit…

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Real-Time Monitoring of Water and DNAPL Levels Using Level TROLL 500 Instruments

In-Situ, Inc. Technical Note October 2011 A dense non-aqueous phase liquid, or DNAPL, is a substance that is denser than water and only slightly soluble. Because of these properties, DNAPLs introduced into the environment generally sink below the water table and may migrate down through an aquifer. This can pose risks to the environment and…

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In-Situ, Inc. Extra Large Desiccant for TROLL Instruments

In-Situ, Inc. releases an Extra Large Desiccant for their LevelTROLL 500/700, AquaTROLL 200, and TROLL 9500 instruments.  Properly maintaining the desiccant on a vented pressure transducer is essential to its operation.  A vented pressure transducer must maintain an open pathway to the atmosphere from the backside of the strain gauge in order to cancel out the effects of…

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In-Situ, Releases LevelTROLL 700H Meeting USGS OSW Accuracy Specification

In-Situ, Inc. has released the LevelTROLL 700H which meets the United States Geological Survey’s Office of Surface Water Accuracy Specification required for river/stream stage-discharge measurements and/or reservoir monitoring.  The LevelTROLL 700H has an accuracy spec of +/-0.01 foot or 0.2% of the effective stage which is defined as, “the height of the water surface above…

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