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Win-Situ 5 Software Updates Save Time

Industry leading software company Win-Situ recently announced their latest version of software is now available with new features to improve workflow.  The Win-Situ 5 software updates will save time and reduce the challenges of 24/7 demand.

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Monitoring Water Level At Remote Locations

If you need to monitor water level and rainfall at remote locations it can be done for under $2500 with the In-Situ, Inc. TROLL Link 101 and LevelTROLL.  The TROLL Link 101 is a GSM cell modem based system that can transmit data from LevelTROLLs, AquaTROLLs, and TROLL 9500’s to a secure data center hosted…

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Real-Time Monitoring of Water and DNAPL Levels Using Level TROLL 500 Instruments

In-Situ, Inc. Technical Note October 2011 A dense non-aqueous phase liquid, or DNAPL, is a substance that is denser than water and only slightly soluble. Because of these properties, DNAPLs introduced into the environment generally sink below the water table and may migrate down through an aquifer. This can pose risks to the environment and…

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Isco Hot Tap Insertion ADFM Used for Pump Capacity Verification With 0.5 Pipe Diameters Downstream Straight Run

Pump performance curves or characteristic curves provided by pump manufacturers characterize the performance of the pump under ideal or “laboratory” conditions. Once installed in the field there are a number of conditions that could potentially impact the performance of the pump such as entrained air, impeller wear, improper operation, etc. Therefore end users may require…

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