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“Made for the Shade” Temperature Effects on Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic flow meters are commonly used to measure flow through a flume or across a weir.  Often, the temperature effects on ultrasonic sensors are overlooked in the design and  installation process.  This type of flow meter utilizes an ultrasonic sensor which is mounted above the flow stream.  The sensor transmits a sound wave, or pulse, which is reflected off…

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Parshall Flumes – Free vs. Submerged Flow

As often as we use Parshall flumes for open channel flow measurement, it is important to understand “free versus submerged flow” conditions; as it greatly impacts the accuracy of the installation…or the lack thereof. While any primary device could be affected by submerged flow conditions, there isn’t much data to be found on the topic.…

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Flume Selection Guidance

 One of the most frequent requests that we get from civil engineers during WWTP design is for flume selection guidance. While there are many complex aspects that need to be considered in flume selection and outfall channel configuration, there are a few basic considerations that can be evaluated to streamline the process. 

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