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Welcome FLEXIM to Our Product Line

We at CC Lynch and Associates are excited about our newest flow meter for drinking water, wastewater and thermal energy monitoring; by FLEXIM. FLEXIM offers portable and permanent metering solutions with external pipe “clamp-on” technology and ultrasonic sound. Advantages of FLEXIM ultrasonic clamp-on meters include: Quick and Easy Installation without process interruption or flow by-pass Low installation…

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Solar Power for Flow Monitoring without AC. No Power No Problem.

Solar power arrangements for flow monitoring systems can be an effective remedy for remote locations where power is often unavailable, or too time consuming / expensive to run. Several models of flow meters, auto samplers and water quality analyzers come in models that can operate on 12 or 24 VDC. A solar power system mainly…

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Optimizing Your Treatment Process with Microscopic Particulate Analysis

Are you optimizing your treatment processes by using data from a microscope?  Are you monitoring your drinking water source water for algae blooms that could cause taste and odor issues?  Or, is your team short-staffed and overwhelmed with other responsibilities that result in the microscope in your lab collecting dust and your team to have…

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Teledyne Isco 2150 Flow Meter Found After Hurricane Isaac

For several years the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has utilized 3 Teledyne Isco 2150 Area Velocity Flow Meters to monitor freshwater flow into Coastal marshes. The Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion Project takes sediment laden freshwater from the Mississippi River and allows it to flow into the marsh providing nutrients and sediment needed to restore…

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Water Quality Monitoring With Remote Data Access

The need for remote data access for water quality monitoring stations is on the rise. Not only is there a significant cost involved in sending personnel into the field but there are also safety concerns in working in, over, and near the water. In addition, staff shortages can result in “stretching” out the time between…

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Teledyne Isco Flow Calc App for iPhone and iPad

Teledyne Isco introduces “Isco FlowCalc,” an iPhone/iPad app that calculates flow rates in open, non-full channels and pipes. Teledyne Isco is the first company in the world to provide these features in an application for mobile devices. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store using following link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isco-flowcalc/id585920226?mt=8

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Applying Ultrasonic Clamp-on Transit Time Flow Meters

Ultrasonic clamp-on transit time flow meters offer a non-intrusive method of flow measurement of liquid filled pipes and are a useful tool in many temporary and some permanent full pipe flow applications. Because the sensors are installed on the outside of the pipe, these type of meters are easy to install, making them a good…

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Solution for Excessive Approach Velocity In Flumes

Accurate flow rate measurement is highly dependent upon the approaching flow conditions.  The approaching flow should be well distributed, laminar, and free of surface waves.  To aid in the transition of flow from what is typically a wider approach channel into the flume, the use of curved wingwalls or flared transitions should be used to…

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