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Top FAQs on Third Party Flow Meter Calibration

What is third party flow meter calibration? Third party flow meter calibration is when a recognized independent service company tests and adjusts your flow meter(s) for optimum performance, following the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. Why do I need third party flow meter calibration? There are several reasons third party calibration is recommended, including: Most permits require…

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6 Benefits of Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

According to the American Water Works Association, public water systems lose approximately $2.8 billion in annual revenue from water loss. Non-Revenue Water (NRW), combined with the environmental impact, has drinking water specialists looking for more flexible and accurate flow measurement technologies to locate, and  quantify, sources of loss. The Transit Time Ultrasonic technique provides a…

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Welcome FLEXIM to Our Product Line

We at CC Lynch and Associates are excited about our newest flow meter for drinking water, wastewater and thermal energy monitoring; by FLEXIM. FLEXIM offers portable and permanent metering solutions with external pipe “clamp-on” technology and ultrasonic sound. Advantages of FLEXIM ultrasonic clamp-on meters include: Quick and Easy Installation without process interruption or flow by-pass Low installation…

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KROHNE Level Radar and TDR Promotional Offer

To celebrate Krohne’s new manufacturing capability at their Peabody, Massachusetts facility we are pleased to announce a price promotion for the newest KROHNE level devices produced there. These products can now be produced and shipped within 5 days of order receipt.

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Measuring Flow in Gravity Sewers

There is nothing more difficult than measuring flow in gravity sewers. WRUA bought 34 Isco Area Velocity Meters – Quality Equipment & Post-Sales Service Sealed the Deal.  By Mary Therese Gookin West Rankin Utility Authority (WRUA) provides wastewater treatment for seven neighboring members serving a population of 100,000.  Bruce Stephens, Executive Director of WRUA, a…

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Temporary Flow Measurement Solution With An Improperly Installed Flume

Recently one of our customers was contracted to perform a temporary flow study at a commercial bakery.  The purpose of the flow study was to quantify the volume of process wastewater being discharged so a pretreatment system could be designed and installed to satisfy the requirements of the local water control district.  Our customer reached…

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Excessive Approach Velocity in Parshall Flume Flow Measurement Applications

Since the 1930s, wastewater professionals have relied on the Parshall flume as the primary device for open channel flow measurement applications. Parshall flumes provide a very repeatable relationship between water level (Ha) and flow rate; but, only so long as the approaching flow conditions are appropriate. For any flume design, the hydraulics must cause a…

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Fundamental Principles of Electromagnetic Flow Measurement

Just as valuable as Teledyne Isco’s Open Channel Flow Measurement Handbook, Krohne’ has “written the book” on magmeters.  Download your copy of the Fundamental Principles of Electromagnetic Flow Measurement by Friedrich Hofmann of Krohne.  This book describes:

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Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Flow Meters – Grounding

To understand the importance of grounding in Electromagnetic Flow Meters (EMF) let’s start by making sure we understand the basic principles of an EMF.  EMFs theory of operation is Faraday’s Law of Induction which states that a voltage is induced across a conductor moving through a magnetic field.  In terms of an EMF this means…

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Dissolved Sulfide Monitoring in Raw Wastewater Using UV/Vis Spectrometry

Guest Post provided by Justin Irving with s::can Measuring Systems   Problem Description Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas can be problematic in any wastewater collection system and treatment plant. At low concentrations H2S causes a noxious odor that can result in complaints from the public. At higher concentrations, H2S can be lethal and pose a serious danger…

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