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Fundamental Principles of Electromagnetic Flow Measurement

Just as valuable as Teledyne Isco’s Open Channel Flow Measurement Handbook, Krohne’ has “written the book” on magmeters.  Download your copy of the Fundamental Principles of Electromagnetic Flow Measurement by Friedrich Hofmann of Krohne.  This book describes:

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Validating MagMeter Calibration

Electromagnetic Flow Meters (commonly referred to as magmeters) are one of the most common techniques for metering flow in the water / wastewater industry; primarily because, when installed properly, this is one of the most accurate and reliable measurement techniques available. Magmeters are factory calibrated on precision test stands; usually to NIST traceable standards. Over…

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Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Flow Meters – Grounding

To understand the importance of grounding in Electromagnetic Flow Meters (EMF) let’s start by making sure we understand the basic principles of an EMF.  EMFs theory of operation is Faraday’s Law of Induction which states that a voltage is induced across a conductor moving through a magnetic field.  In terms of an EMF this means…

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