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Top FAQs on Third Party Flow Meter Calibration

What is third party flow meter calibration? Third party flow meter calibration is when a recognized independent service company tests and adjusts your flow meter(s) for optimum performance, following the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. Why do I need third party flow meter calibration? There are several reasons third party calibration is recommended, including: Most permits require…

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Not all pH Electrodes are the Same

If there is one thing our industry has no shortage of, its pH electrodes. There are several manufacturers all pushing their electrode as ‘compatible’; no matter which meter you happen to be using. While ‘compatible’ might hold true, electrodes are not as homogenous as some might lead you to believe. Across the breadth of pH…

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Don’t Forget Your Calibration

Calibration of permitted outfall equipment is a requirement on most NPDES permits today and can prove to  be valuable documentation when the regulatory agents come visit.  C.C. Lynch provides flow meter, sampler, and parameter equipment (i.e. pH, DO, Turb, etc) calibrations onsite and will provide the necessary documentation to satisfy regulatory agencies.  

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