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3 Reasons to Rent Water Monitoring Equipment from the Manufacturer

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on the In-Situ blog in May 2015. There are several reasons you might consider renting environmental sampling equipment: maybe it just makes more sense to rent equipment for a project rather than buy it, or perhaps you want to try the product before you make the commitment. Whatever the…

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Win-Situ 5 Software Updates Save Time

Industry leading software company Win-Situ recently announced their latest version of software is now available with new features to improve workflow.  The Win-Situ 5 software updates will save time and reduce the challenges of 24/7 demand.

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Tech Tips from In-Situ, Inc.’s Tech Support

Tech Tip #1 RuggedReader Handheld PC acting slow or not responding? Think of it as a small computer that sometimes runs into errors. One way to keep it running better is to reboot it regularly like you do your PC. To do this, hold down the Power button for a few seconds until the Power…

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Monitoring Water Level At Remote Locations

If you need to monitor water level and rainfall at remote locations it can be done for under $2500 with the In-Situ, Inc. TROLL Link 101 and LevelTROLL.  The TROLL Link 101 is a GSM cell modem based system that can transmit data from LevelTROLLs, AquaTROLLs, and TROLL 9500’s to a secure data center hosted…

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