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How to Stretch Equipment Budget Dollars

How to Stretch Equipment Budget Dollars: Consider Used, Surplus, and Demonstration Equipment

Water Monitoring equipment is key to treatment process optimization and compliance.

Most budgets scream ‘do more with less”; and thus, the battle for equipment dollars is often more of a continual grind. Sure makes it hard to monitor all the points of measurement we’d like, or keep existing stations equipped with the latest technology.

One option that goes without consideration is used equipment. Buying used often saves as much as 25%; even more. Buying used can be more cost-effective (less costly) and ensure immediate delivery.

Used equipment prices might bring new points of monitoring into reach, versus delaying until the next budget year; or hoping to include it in a future construction project. Buying used gear is almost always better than renting when your project duration could last beyond 90 days.

Some examples of used, or demo pool, equipment usually available:

USED ISCO Automatic Samplers: Model 3700, 3710, 5800, 6712, 6712FR

USED ISCO Open Channel Flow Meters: Signature Bubbler, Ultrasonic, Area/Velocity, LaserFlow

USED ISCO Sewer Flow Meters: 2150 Area/Velocity, 2160 LaserFlow

USED RD Instruments: ADCP

USED Clamp-On Flow Meters

USED Water Quality Sondes– Turbidity, pH, DO, ORP & Conductivity

USED Accessories for power, solar power, field modems, integration cables, and sensor mounting hardware.

Properly maintained, an ISCO Sampler or ISCO Flow Meter often last ten, even twenty years. So why not consider buying used? The two big reasons we found were, “you don’t know what you’re getting, or who you’re buying from”.

Your best source for used equipment is also your best source for new: your local representative. Most representatives we spoke to said that they carry considerable equipment inventory; including demo gear, loaner pools, and trade-ins. Moreover, they told us that they almost always have equipment they would like to turn. 

CCLynch Field Representative Calibrating a Flexim Flow Meter:

No one wants to get stuck with a lemon, and wastewater equipment often takes a beating. But demonstration gear is usually like-new; typically used for trade show exhibits, loaners, and training seminars.

Representatives are also adept at applying the right equipment for your application, supporting any ongoing issues that may arise, and performing field service for calibration and O&M over the years.

One thing to keep in mind is that often, reps have a defined region to sell within. They can’t sell their equipment just anywhere.

Tips for buying used equipment:

  • Avoid online auctions, where you won’t personally know the seller, nor have anyone to phone if/when issues arise.
  • Stick with models still in production. This assures you of replacement parts, repair, and field service.
  • Ask for some kind of warranty – at least a money-back guarantee. A rep selling from equipment pool cannot justify replacing the device with something new, but will likely take it back if it craps out before it should.
  • If you like to try it before you buy it, ask for a price to purchase that demo unit. This saves the rep from having to come back out to install the new device when it arrives.
  • If money is tight, consider a rent to own option. Rent to own allows you to begin your project with minimal initial expenditures.

Interested in buying used equipment for your next project? Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

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