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Water Quality Data Hosting

C.C. Lynch & Associates, Inc. has experience working with a wide variety of telemetry and data hosting systems. We can provide telemetry systems that offer a wide variety of ways to access data and control equipment remotely. In addition, our data hosting service allows access to near real time data viewing over the internet.

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Since the analogue bag phone of the 80’s C. C. Lynch & Associates has integrated Remote Near Real Time Environmental Data with Cellular and Radio Telemetry solutions. Most solutions offered today are proprietary web hosted solutions that will never allow the transition of the data hosting to the end user’s server. Also, the instrument in the field is proprietary to the web hosting and will never allow for use with other systems. Our approach of using commercial off the shelf sensors and data loggers that support the use of commercial non proproprietary communications protocols to access and view your data is a better long term solution. With the ability to download and desciminate data from multiple commercial off the shelf sensors, data loggers and PLC’s the user has much more flexibility in their monitoring program. Some of the devices supported are Isco, Campbell Scientific, Sutron, Control Micro Systems.

Our web approach allows for multiple options:

Secure Solution for your Data

A secure off site web hosted solution that allows user to access and view data from multiple locations.

In-House Hosting 

A web hosted system that is installed on the end users server that has no web hosting fees.

Direct Alarms from the DataLogger

A site hosted system where datalogger in the field host the data and emails users directly the alarm and status conditions.

Web Based Environmental Data

A web based environmental data collection and presentation service provided by C. C. Lynch & Associates, Inc., allows secure off site web hosted data access via any web interface and can be viewed on Google Maps.

Complete Control of Your Data

With a click of a mouse the user can look at a trending graph or via a SCADA graphics interface with all stations displayed on one page. Individual Site Tabs allow user to upload site photos or allow user to program email and SMS alarms. Additionally, users can export specific data as a chart,pdf, HTML or CSV text file.

Our data hosting solutions are well suited for:

  • Water Quality Data Hosting
  • High/Low Level Alarming
  • Storm Water Sampling Systems
  • Flow Meter Totalizer Reporting
  • Groundwater Well Level Monitoring
  • Sewer Flow Monitoring 
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