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Field Services

CC LYNCH provides top notch field service to keep your instruments performing at a high level.   Our field experts are seasoned in the principals of automatic sampling, flow monitoring, water level and water quality measuring. Installation, Calibration, O&M, Validation

Other Field Services:
Short Term Studies: for flow, pressure, sampling, water quality.
Stream Discharge Measurement

Velocity Index and Rating Development

For over 45 years we have helped customers with a variety of services throughout the Gulf South States. Our factory trained technicians are seasoned in the fundamentals of flow monitoring, water quality monitoring instruments, and automatic samplers. We provide third party certification for NPDES and SID permits, ISO and environmental audits. Our service technicians will keep your monitoring instruments operating at peak performance.

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Instrument Repair

For over thirty years, CC LYNCH has provided prompt and professional instrument repair and reconditioning service. We have trained instrument techs in our repair shop with ample test equipment and parts inventory.

 Contact one of our repair technicians at 1-800-333-2252.


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Equipment Rental

Equipment rental is an attractive option for short-term projects; or when you want to maintain direct project cost allocation.  CC LYNCH maintains dozens of auto samplers, open channel flow meters.  PLUS, many of our manufacturers have rental programs to plug in additional equipment when your project needs arise.


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Water Quality Data Hosting

Having remote data pushed to the cloud is a great way to get your data remotely; and receive text alerts from your equipment.

We have a secure server running ISCO FLOWLINK GLOBAL; which is suitable to a broad range of water level, flow and water quality data.


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Index-Velocity Rating Development

Long term or continuous discharge measurements in large streams/channels have historically been virtually impossible to perform with any acceptable degree of accuracy. With the introduction of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers and the use of the index-velocity method, high accuracy continuous discharge measurements are now possible. C.C. Lynch & Associates, Inc. personnel have years of experience collecting stream discharge measurements, developing stage-discharge rating curves, and developing index-velocity ratings. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you on with your stream flow measurement needs.


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