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With over 40 years in business, C.C. Lynch, Inc. has had the opportunity to work with customers on some very unique and interesting projects many of which result in the publication of professional papers, technical guidance, or the posting of live data. We have assembled a list of helpful documents on this page for you to utilize as a resource on your next project. Just click on any link within the subject headings below to view/download the document. We appreciate those that have contributed to the documents on this website. Feel free to contact us if you would like to add your document to this page

Stream Flow Measurement
Storm Water Sampling Systems


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) – Corrosion in Wastewater Systems
  • Tomiyama, Tomonri, and Nishizaki, Itaru (2006). Applicability of Fiber Reinforced Plastic to Hydraulic Gates. Paper presented at the Third International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE 2006); December 13-15 2006, Miami, Florida, USA (…durability study on FRP gates after 35 years of operation…)
Online Water Quality Monitoring – TOC, pH/ORP, Turbidity, Contaminant Alarm Detection
  • Panguluri, S., G. Meiners, J. HALL, and J. G. Szabo. Distribution System Water Quality Monitoring: Sensor Technology Evaluation Methodology and Results. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-09/076, 2009
pH Measurement Handbook

pH Measurement Handbook

(Thermo Scientific)

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3 Reasons to Rent Water Monitoring Equipment from the Manufacturer

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on the In-Situ blog in May 2015. There are several reasons you might consider renting environmental sampling equipment: maybe it just makes more sense to rent equipment for a project rather than buy it, or perhaps you want to try the product before you make the commitment. Whatever the…

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Case Study:Texas Municipality Diverts Flow in Large Diameter Sewer Lines

By: Brandon Dalton Customer In the past few years, there have been several sewer line rehabilitation projects in Texas involving large diameter sewers (6 feet to 11 feet diameter) located 50 feet to 60 feet below ground. These projects have either required the city to block flows in order to divert to other sewer lines…

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6 Benefits of Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

According to the American Water Works Association, public water systems lose approximately $2.8 billion in annual revenue from water loss. Non-Revenue Water (NRW), combined with the environmental impact, has drinking water specialists looking for more flexible and accurate flow measurement technologies to locate, and  quantify, sources of loss. The Transit Time Ultrasonic technique provides a…

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WEFTEC New Orleans 2016

Are you attending WEFTEC New Orleans this year?  Be sure to visit some of the Manufacturers represented by CC Lynch and Associates.  Booth numbers include 2557, 1647, 1501, 3807 and 3063. S::can Measuring Systems is exhibiting in Booth 2557 at WEFTEC 2016, the Water Environment Federation Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, and we hope to see you there! Be…

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Welcome FLEXIM to Our Product Line

We at CC Lynch and Associates are excited about our newest flow meter for drinking water, wastewater and thermal energy monitoring; by FLEXIM. FLEXIM offers portable and permanent metering solutions with external pipe “clamp-on” technology and ultrasonic sound. Advantages of FLEXIM ultrasonic clamp-on meters include: Quick and Easy Installation without process interruption or flow by-pass Low installation…

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Solar Power for Flow Monitoring without AC. No Power No Problem.

Solar power arrangements for flow monitoring systems can be an effective remedy for remote locations where power is often unavailable, or too time consuming / expensive to run. Several models of flow meters, auto samplers and water quality analyzers come in models that can operate on 12 or 24 VDC. A solar power system mainly…

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ISCO Signature Flow

Measuring Flow in Gravity Sewers

There is nothing more difficult than measuring flow in gravity sewers. WRUA bought 34 Isco Area Velocity Meters – Quality Equipment & Post-Sales Service Sealed the Deal.  By Mary Therese Gookin West Rankin Utility Authority (WRUA) provides wastewater treatment for seven neighboring members serving a population of 100,000.  Bruce Stephens, Executive Director of WRUA, a…

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palmer bowlus

Temporary Flow Measurement Solution With An Improperly Installed Flume

Recently one of our customers was contracted to perform a temporary flow study at a commercial bakery.  The purpose of the flow study was to quantify the volume of process wastewater being discharged so a pretreatment system could be designed and installed to satisfy the requirements of the local water control district.  Our customer reached…

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ISCO Signature Flow Meter

Multiple Outfall Flow Monitoring Application Challenge

A recent application challenge was presented to us by an industrial customer in the Southeast Texas area. The customer was relocating their final outfall from their wetland treatment system to a remote area without AC power. They needed a way to measure flow rates in three side by side 36” culverts and collect flow weighted…

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vertical manholes

Fiberglass Metering Manhole vs. Precast Concrete

For more information contact a CC Lynch representative or call us at 1-800-333-2252.  

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Plasti-Fab Parshall Flume

Excessive Approach Velocity in Parshall Flume Flow Measurement Applications

Since the 1930s, wastewater professionals have relied on the Parshall flume as the primary device for open channel flow measurement applications. Parshall flumes provide a very repeatable relationship between water level (Ha) and flow rate; but, only so long as the approaching flow conditions are appropriate. For any flume design, the hydraulics must cause a…

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ISCO flowcalc app

Teledyne Isco FlowCalc App For Android Release

The release of the Isco FlowCalc app for the iOS platform during WEFTEC 2012 received an excellent response.  I am now pleased to announce that Teledyne Isco has made the application available for the Android platform. The Android version will have the following additional features: Calculation for the Manning Equation Calculation for the Cipolletti weir…

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