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Remote Flow Measurement and Sampling Application

Some discharge permits require flow measurement and sampling in highly remote areas.  These locations have no other option than to use a solar panel and battery as a source of power.  There are many options in selecting equipment for a 12 volt powered system and careful planning is required.

Solar panel selection and battery size is determined by the amount of draw your system will use while in normal operating conditions as well as how quickly the system will recover to a fully charged state.  When selecting solar panel and battery size, don’t forget to take temperature ranges into consideration.

In this location we use a dual 40 watt solar power system to charge a pair of deep cycle batteries.  The batteries in this system power an ISCO 4230 bubbler flow meter, ISCO 201 pH module, ISCO rain gauge and an ISCO Avalanche portable refrigerated sampler.

For more information or assistance with your application please contact your nearest representative.

The flow meter measures the flow from a 9 inch Parshall flume, records the pH at given intervals, records rainfall and sends pulse signals to the sampler when a predetermined flow pacing sample schedule is needed.

This is one of many setups available for remote sample locations.  Please contact a CC Lynch representative for further assistance in system design and equipment suggestions.

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