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Real-time Water Tower Pressure Monitoring Via the Web

It is as simple as connecting a sensor to an existing tap at the water tower or on a water line within the distribution system and powering up the modem and you can access your water tank  pressures or distribution system pressures on the Internet.  The In-Situ, Inc. LevelTROLL 500 is the sensor that monitors pressure and when it is coupled with a 1/2″ NPT adapter it can be attached to a sample tap on the distribution pipe.  The sensor can log pressure data internally without any other parts required. But, if you need to see your remote tower pressures from afar you can connect the LevelTROLL 500 to a TROLL Link telemetry system and have your data accessible from any computer or smart phone that is connected to the Internet. The other great feature is you can set SMS and email alarms to notify key personnel of pressure drops and critical water levels in your towers. Quick and waxy installation coupled with superior equipment!!


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