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Real Time Water Quality Monitoring on Rivers

Long term water quality monitoring on rivers can be an arduous chore; and very expensive.  The cost of sending teammates into the field continues to skyrocket, especially when it is over water; not to mention the inherent safety concerns.

All this for what amounts to a ‘snap-shot’ of water quality at the time of measurement (say, weekly or monthly).

With technology advances in low power sensing and cellular data, continuous, real-time water quality and discharge data can be measured and transmitted to a secure server.  Access data from any PC, or smart phone; as well as receive real-time alarms when conditions are not what’s expected.

We recently deployed NexSens MB-100 Data Buoys on a couple of projects where water quality data was needed quickly for a temporary deployment.   These buoys are outfitted with a datalogger, battery, cellular modem, and multiparameter water quality instruments or sondes such as the In-Situ TROLL 9500.  The buoys were rented on a weekly basis; and installed by C.C. Lynch to monitor and transmit live water quality data.The pictures show units presently deployed to measure Temperature, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen at two locations.

As soon as the buoy hits the water, data automatically begins transmitting to a secured website, accessible to anyone who has proper credentials.

The buoy is anchored using a 3/16 inch wire rope attached to an 80 lb anchor.  The sondes are attached to the buoy via communication cables and adjusted to the desired depth using a shackle attached to the cable, capable of sliding own the anchor line.

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