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Proper Flow Meter Mounting

The mounting location of your flow meter is critical to the overall flow monitoring station layout.  It should be in a convenient location that lends to easy access for authorized personnel while taking into account security and environmental considerations.  In open channel applications where a flume or weir is used, the meter should be located as close to the primary device as possible so that calibration can be easily checked.  If the meter is located a distance away from the flume or inside a building, then it might require two people to perform a good calibration check, one at the meter with the other at the flume to measure level.

Security issues must also be addressed.  If the meter is located in an unsecure area, then it may be necessary to use a lockable instrument shelter to protect it from vandalism or theft.  This is especially true when solar powering the meter.  Solar panels and batteries are particularly prone to vandalism or theft and may require more protection such as a security fence.

Environmental conditions should also be taken into consideration when deciding on a good mounting location.  The display on a flow meter, or any other instrument, should be protected from direct exposure to the sun.  The meter should face away from the sun if possible, preferably to the North, to minimize display burn out or fading.  Another option would be to use an instrument enclosure or shroud which also would help to keep the flow meter cooler during the hot summer months and dry during wet weather.

The mounting height of your flow meter is just as critical as where you mount your flow meter. A meter that is mounted too low or  mounted too high is difficult to read and could lead to misread information.   The meter should be mounted at a comfortable eye level for the average operator, typically 5 ft off the ground when standing to read the meter.

This meter is mounted only 3 ½ feet off the ground making it difficult to read.



This meter is mounted at the right height if you are standing, but is much too high if you are seated.

















These are just a few of the common things to consider in regards to mounting a flow meter.  For more detailed information on your specific application please contact us anytime.

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