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Staff Gages

High Quality Staff Gages. 

Based on experience and testing Plasti-fab has developed compatible materials and the techniques to produce high quality custom staff gages of virtually any style without shrinkage or delaminations. These common problems have kept others from achieving the same end result.

Composite Level Gage

Composite Level Gage 
Flow Measurement

Plasti-Fab Composite FRP level gages are used to measure water or fluid levels from distances of 5’ or more. FRP gages have a long life and require no routine maintenance to maintain their functionality.

The Plasti-Fab line of gages are the premier gages available for measurement of fluids. All flume dimensions are guarnanteed to be within 1/16”. All Composite materials are guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years.

  • Standard 1/4” thickness with custom thicknesses available
  • Premium grade isophthalic gel coat for long term corrosion resistance
  • “S” style stencil gage with large block lettering for easy reading
  • “P” style gage for smaller applications with various lettering styles available
  • Letter / numeral height and markings customized for each application
  • Impact resistant

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water gages

P = Paper based gage with printed markings.  Laminated in fiberglass.

S = Stencil based gage with gel coat numbers. Laminated in fiberglass.

All gages are white background with black numbers and markings.  Consult factory for other options.

Style S

water gage

Style P

water level gage
staff gage

Note: For special gage heights, widths, increments and materials, please consult factory.

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