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Flow Measurement

Closed & Open Channel Flow Meters.

With your application and budget in mind, let us help determine the best flow measurement tool for you. We work with a variety of  manufacturers to measure flow within closed pipes, open channels, flumes and river applications No application is too big or too small.

Flow Meters

Accuracy and Quality matter when it comes to measuring flow. We have a variety of high quality flow meters for any of your application needs.
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Flumes are great for gravity flow applications.  There are a variety of different flumes and sizes.  Plasti-Fab manufactures high quality flumes with a 25 year corrosion warranty for any flow measurement application.
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Packaged Metering Manhole

Introduced by Plasti-Fab over 20 years ago, a PMM is the easiest way to properly install a flume in an underground pipe. Integral flume with smooth non-porous bacteria resistant manhole interior. 
A complete Packaged Metering Manhole designed for easy installation to solve flow measuring requirements in one clean package.
  • HEAVY DUTY COMPOSITE BARRELS • 48”, 60”, and 72” diameter barrels are standard, custom sizes are also available.
  • WATERTIGHT - one-piece construction with an integral bottom that completely eliminates infiltration.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - weighs less than 10% of a comparable concrete structure, which facilitates a faster and easier installation.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - extremely resistant to numerous chemicals, salt water, corrosive soil conditions, ground water, and electrolysis.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE - built to exceed the structural requirements of ASTM D-3753.
  • Smooth white interior gel coat finish provides a clean workspace inside the manhole, and maximizes available illumination.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - an excellent alternative to expensive large underground installations.
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An alternative to the conventional metal weir plate is the Plasti-Fab FRP weir.  Plasti-Fab makes a variety of permanent and adjustable weirs for any specification. Download PDFRequest Quote
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