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Stainless Steel Gates and Logs


Stainless Slide Gate

The ORBINOX model CC Channel Gate is designed for open channel installation with a highly versatile flow control in wastewater treatment plants, irrigation, hydraulic works and hydro-electric power plants.  With ORBINOX’s unique lip seal on both laterals and the bottom, the leakage rate on the ORBINOX channel gate is lower than the maximum allowable recommended by AWWA (C513).


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Stainless Sluice Gate

The ORBINOX model MU is a 4 sided sealing slide gate.  The leakage rate is 50% or better of the maximum allowable recommended by AWWA (C561-04).  Includes ORBINOX’s unique self-cleaning guide frame design.


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Stainless Weir Gate

The ORBINOX model RB Weir Gate is designed for downward opening applications where a more accurate

flow control is required. The water flows over the top of the slide permitting a constant upstream water elevation.  The sealing system is incorporated on 3 sides (both laterals and bottom), resulting in a substantially watertight seal without the need of wedges on the gate. A 4 side sealing system is available.


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Stainless Flap Gate

The ORBINOX model RC (square) and RR (round) Flap Gates are designed for discharge lines such as levees, sewer lines and drainage conduits. The flap stays closed preventing water back-flow, and it opens automatically when the unseating water head is higher than the seating water head.


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Orbinox-SA-Aluminum Stop Log

Stainless and Aluminum Stop Log

Available in both aluminum and stainless steel.  The slide is formed by several logs that fit on top of each other in the frame. By adding or removing logs, the SL (stainless) and SA (aluminum) models allow the user to control the flow in a channel. The sealing system is incorporated on both laterals and bottom area of each log, resulting in a substantially watertight seal.


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