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Water Analyzing Products

imaging device

Flow Measurement

With over 45 years in the business our staff has expertise in virtually all wastewater flow meter technologies. In addition, our representation of Plasti-Fab, Inc., for over 40 years has brought us experience with all common flume types for any application. 

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Leak sensor

Water Leak Detection

Leakage of treated water from distribution networks is a major problem for Water Utilities. Aging assets, severe weather and water hammers result in a constant battle to manage water loss. To address this challenge, Trimble Water now offer a unique family of advanced leak detection capabilities as part of our Trimble Unity solutions.


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Refrigerated Sampler

Automatic Samplers

Automatic samplers are the perfect solution for applications requiring 24-hour composite sampling, stormwater runoff sampling, industrial pretreatment sampling, or any unmanned sampling application. Teledyne Isco offers the highest quality and widest variety of automatic samplers in the industry. We are proud to have represented Teledyne Isco for over 45 years.


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Krohne UFM3030


Flow Meters

Let our years of experience with various flow meter technologies and manufacturers help you find the right flow meter for your application and budget.


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hand held measuring device


Water Quality Monitoring

C.C. Lynch & Associates, Inc. has firsthand experience with water quality monitoring equipment from many manufacturers and in many different applications. Whether it be low flow groundwater sampling or on-line instrumentation for process control our staff has the experience to help you select the best equipment for your application.

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bubble density measurement

Water Level Monitoring

From advanced aquifer characterization, to long-term monitoring, to economical data collection let our experience with various water level monitoring equipment help guide you to the right equipment for your water level monitoring needs.

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Stream / River Flow Measurement

Stream flow measurement presents one of the most difficult flow measurement applications. Let our experience with unique technologies such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) guide you to finding a solution for your flow measurement needs.

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flow gate

FRP Water Control Gates

Specialty Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) gates by Plasti-Fab, Inc. offer a solution for water control applications where corrosion is inevitable. With a 25 year guarantee that these gates will not fail from corrosion why consider metal gates that are virtually guaranteed to corrode over time? Designed with a structural steel frame encapsulated in a UV resistant resin Plasti-Fab gates can meet the need of any water control gate application.

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telemetry devices


C.C. Lynch & Associates, Inc. has experience working with a wide variety of telemetry systems and data hosting systems.  With the popularity of wireless telemetry systems growing and competition in the marketplace, telemetry systems have reached a point where there is an affordable option for most applications.

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fiberglass shelter

Plasti-Fab Enclosures & Shelters

C.C. Lynch offers a wide variety of ancillary items to complete your water quality or water quantity measurement project needs. Solar panels, equipment shelters, communication protocol converters, weather stations, and more.


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