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Not all pH Electrodes are the Same

If there is one thing our industry has no shortage of, its pH electrodes. There are several manufacturers all pushing their electrode as ‘compatible’; no matter which meter you happen to be using. While ‘compatible’ might hold true, electrodes are not as homogenous as some might lead you to believe. Across the breadth of pH electrodes, the one we have determined is the best pH technology is found with the ROSS Electrode.

We like the ROSS because they provide superior measurement stability, faster response, greater accuracy and more reproducible results than conventional electrodes; regardless of sample composition or temperature.

Stability: ROSS is three to five times more precise than those obtained with conventional electrodes. Electrode drift is less than 0.002 pH per day, so re-calibration is minimized.

Response: ROSS electrodes provide readings stable to 0.01 pH in less than 30 seconds, even in the extreme case of samples varying from one another by 50 °C or more.


Other advantages include: 

Range: All ROSS pH electrodes have a pH range of 0 to 14, pH precision of 0.01 and temperature range of 0 to 100 °C.

Sample Composition: ROSS electrodes can be used in samples that contain TRIS, sulfides and proteins since they do not contain silver or mercury. ROSS Sure-Flow electrodes incorporate a free-flowing junction that is easy to clean and never clogs.

Sample Contamination: Conventional electrodes can leach metal ions into the filling solution and subsequently into the sample. ROSS Electrodes do not contain silver or mercury to react with the sample or clog the ceramic frit. Use ROSS pH Electrodes where trace amounts of metal ions, in such samples as biological media, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals, cannot be tolerated.

‘Compatible’: ROSS electrodes can be used on any pH meter with a BNC or U.S. standard connection. The electrodes can also be used on meters with a variety of inputs when an adapter cable is used.

 Warranty: Most ROSS electrodes come with 18-24 month warranty.

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