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Multiple Outfall Flow Monitoring Application Challenge

A recent application challenge was presented to us by an industrial customer in the Southeast Texas area. The customer was relocating their final outfall from their wetland treatment system to a remote area without AC power. They needed a way to measure flow rates in three side by side 36” culverts and collect flow weighted composite samples with a refrigerated composite sampler on a daily basis; and, the system needed to run on a solar panel and batteries. Had the customer called us just a few years ago the solution to this application challenge would have been to install three separate flow meters, at least one sampler, and an extensive solar array or propane fueled generator to power all of the equipment. Thanks to some innovative thinking by the engineers and product development team at Teledyne Isco we now have a more cost effective and energy efficient solution, the Teledyne Isco Signature Flow Meter.

The Signature Flow Meter was the perfect solution for this application because of it can be run on AC or DC power and it’s ability to interface with up to nine different Isco TIENet devices at once. This meant that we could connect three area velocity sensors to just one Signature Flow Meter. The meter would then act as three independent flow meters all sharing one display and datalogger. This greatly reduces the flow meter cost and power consumption from the traditional solution of three completely separate flow meters

The Signature flow meter can also be used to pace a sampler but the question became how we can run a refrigerated sampler 24 hours a day without AC power? The answer is with Teledyne Isco’s Avalanche Portable Refrigerated Sampler. The Avalanche sampler is designed to run on DC power for remote sampling applications. Traditionally, this sampler is used in stormwater monitoring applications where the sampler sits idle waiting on a specific condition to occur (i.e. rainfall) at which time it collects its first sample and the refrigeration unit turns on. In this case, the Avalanche sampler’s refrigeration system runs continuously so it still required a significant power supply but by using the Avalanche we could offer a reasonable solar array to power the entire system as opposed to needing a full time generator to run a traditional stationary refrigerated sampler. Two 140 watt solar panels with two 100 Amp hour batteries supplies enough power for the sampler and flow meter system.

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