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Monitoring Water Level At Remote Locations

If you need to monitor water level and rainfall at remote locations it can be done for under $2500 with the In-Situ, Inc. TROLL Link 101 and LevelTROLL.  The TROLL Link 101 is a GSM cell modem based system that can transmit data from LevelTROLLs, AquaTROLLs, and TROLL 9500’s to a secure data center hosted by In-Situ, Inc.  The In-Situ Data Center can be accessed via a secure website where near real time data can be viewed and downloaded.  All alarms and data push rates are controlled via the website so no local interface is required. This is all done from the comfort of the client’s office or home computer by simply logging in. The TROLL Link 101 system allows the user to:




  • Remotely configure the telemetry system.
  • Provide access to real-time data for large user groups.
  • Set up real-time alarm notifications of user-configured events via SMS, email, or phone (multiple parameters).
  • Conduct event sampling and automatically increase data logging during an event.
  • Perform barometric pressure compensation on water level data (data center)
  • Provide power to attached instruments.

In a recent application one of our customers needed to monitor water levels in a holding pond after rainfall events so they used the TROLL Link 101 system with a LevelTROLL and tipping bucket rain gauge. The system is set to alarm plant personnel when critical levels in the holding pond are reached so they can open gates to release water from the pond. Water level and rainfall data is pushed to a secure website every hour and is used to compile reports for reporting purposes.

With this system the sensor is lowered down the steep pond bank in a fixed PVC pipe conduit that allows for maintenance of the sensor while making sure it is installed at the correct elevation.

In-Situ, Inc. TROLL Link systems are available with or without the use of the data center so the customer has the option of web hosted data or a manual download of their data directly from the instruments. In addition to cellular based systems, the TROLL Link system is available with a satellite modem that utilizes Iridium satellites. For more information about these systems in the Gulf South States contact your local representative.


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