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Trimble's Water Division specializes in field and office solutions for GIS mapping and work management, field data collection, design and inspection, wireless monitoring and network management for water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities, manufacturers and service providers around the world. To learn more, visit Trimble Water online.

Product Overview

Multi-platform Support. Powerful When Online, Still Works When Offline

Trimble Unity is built to be flexible with applications available for Windows, Android and iOS. Select the right platform for any user, whether that is a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or rugged Trimble GNSS device. Field technicians can still perform their work when a connection is not available. GIS data, base maps, work assignments and forms are all available offline, and sync automatically when the crew reconnects.

High Accuracy GPS

  • Out of the box data collection apps using the ESRI LGIM
  • Supports 1D & 2D bar codes for capturing asset specifications
  • Capture and attach, GPS tagged photos
  • Capture high accuracy GPS with meta-data
  • Location tools to quickly locate underground assets

Powerful, Flexible Admin Tools

Build your own apps, workflows and forms using Trimble Unity. The apps you create will allow you to capture the information you need, and empower your employees and clients to make the right business decisions. You’ll be guided step by step through the creation process using the app builder wizard.

As well as app creation, you’ll be able to configure GIS data & layers, and configure base maps.

Build Your Own Intelligent Data Collection Forms

  • Create and manage data collection forms
  • Create templates for repetitive questions
  • Configure forms with various field types

Support for:

  • Conditional Questions
  • Scoring and Colour Coding
  • Default Values
  • Option to Auto Generate PDF reports

100% Transparent Asset Management & Performance

Have a clearer insight into your assets & repair activities.

  • Address and location search
  • GIS asset search
  • GIS selection tools
  • Monitor your assets with ease

Efficiently Manage & Dispatch Work Assignments

  • View crew locations
  • View and manage work assignments
  • Track work progress
  • Manage data collected in the field
  • View and manage attachments

For mobile workers:

  • Get notifications of work assignments
  • View and manage work assignments
  • Get driving directions and optimized route
  • View details of work assignment
  • View list of GIS assets associated to work assignments, and track progress

Integrate and Extend Your Existing Systems

Trimble Unity allows dispatchers, supervisors, and field crews to access key operational information from a single platform.

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