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With well over 30,000 Doppler products delivered worldwide, Teledyne RD Instruments is the industry’s leading manufacturer of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) for current profiling and wave measurement applications. For more information, visit Teledyne RDI online. 

Product Overview

ChannelMaster ADCPTeledyne RDI ChannelMaster Cutout

The compact, flexible, and affordable CHANNELMASTER is a horizontally-oriented Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) designed to collect high-accuracy water velocity, stage, and discharge data for a wide array of applications.

By leveraging Teledyne RDI’s BroadBand technology, ChannelMaster allows you to obtain unmatched data quality, even in low velocities and complex flows, where a single cell cannot provide enough information.

The ChannelMaster’s innovative design includes everything you need to collect high- quality data. The standard unit comes equipped with temperature, pressure, pitch and roll sensors, and a vertical beam​

RiverPro ADCPTeledyne RDI RiverPro

Like our next-generation RiverRay ADCP, the RiverPro offers users a 5-beam solution, auto-adaptive sampling, user-friendly interface, and Teledyne RDI’s unsurpassed quality, service, and support. The RiverPro has also been designed to fit into our RiverRay float, allowing users to swap out their ADCPs based upon their environment, eliminating the need to purchase and transport a second float.

  • Provides an ADCP design specifically for shallow river applications (20 cm to 25 m range)
  • Provides an upgrade path for our current industry gold-standard Rio Grande ADCP users


RiverRay ADCPTeledyne RDI RiverRay

Go straight to work collecting highly accurate stream and river discharge data with the RIVERRAY ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler). This economical turnkey system comes complete with: the RiverRay ADCP, a custom-designed boat, user-friendly software, and convenient wireless communication - everything you need to begin making precision river discharge measurements.

  • Vertical beam provides more precise bathymetric data and improved characterization of slopes and irregular river beds
  • Ease of use—easy to carry, easy to deploy, and easy to operate. Just power and go!
  • Qrz-control—automatic adaptive sampling continuously optimizes your discharge measurement from bank to bank, thus ensuring the highest quality data without your intervention
  • Versatile—a single instrument can now deliver high quality data in a 0.5 m stream or a 40 m river.

StreamPro ADCPTeledyne RDI StreamPro

The StreamPro ADCP revolutionizes discharge and velocity measurement in stream from 15-200 cm in depth. Its bottom tracking capability provides the ability to move continuously across the stream to obtain a discharge measurement in two or three minutes instead of thirty minutes to an hour using the older point-by-point method.

StreamPro's unique design allows you to take measurements without even entering the water. Simply pull the instrument across the stream as you walk across a bridge, or attach the unit to a tagline. Data is collected in real-time and transmitted via a wireless data link to a tablet or PC and displayed with Teledyne RDI's user friendly software.

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