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Logging Rain Gauge

Logging Rain GaugeTeledyne Isco offers two options for a logging rain gauge.  The Isco 676 Rain Logging System uses an Isco 674 rain gauge and a 4120 Flow logger (minus the submerged pressure transducer) be to record rain events.  The second option, Isco 677 Rain Logging System, uses the same 674 rain gauge but the more advanced 2105 Interface Module as the data logger.  Both systems feature robust data logging platforms originally designed for use in flow measurement applications in wastewater collection systems where they would be exposed to corrosive gases and occasional submergence.

For a simple logging rain gauge the Isco 676 Rain Logging System is your solution.  If your application calls for remote data access, text message alarms, the ability to enable an automatic sampler, etc. then the Isco 677 Rain Logging System is the best solution.

To see a video of an Isco 677 Rain Logging System installed in the field click on the following.

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