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Krohne Waterflux Flow Meter; Zero Straight Run Requirements

Kronhe WaterFlux

Waterflux with No Straight Runs

As a new Krohne representative, one of the most interesting products in the Krohne offering is the WaterFlux. The WaterFlux is an electromagnetic flow counter/meter for clean water that incorporates a unique rectangular measurement section that allows for:

 Krohne WaterFlux Cross Section

  • A significant reduction of magnetic field excitation and thus lower power consumption.
  • A unique coil arrangement that provides a strong homogeneous magnetic field that is independent of the flow profile.
  • High accuracy (± 0.2% of MV ±0.5 mm/s (0.02 inch/s) Ideal for billing and revenue metering
  • Large turndown ratio (1:400 and higher) allows for measuring large differences in flow rates
    between day and night or for abstracting water
  • Installation without inlet and outlet runs.

The WaterFlux can be supplied with a battery operated controller with a 10 year battery life, making it an ideal replacement for mechanical flow meters. Or the WaterFlux can be outfitted with an AC powered controller that provides 4-20mA, pulse, and serial outputs. Options for integral/remote controllers and submersible and direct burial flow tubes are available.

Please contact us if you would like more information, references, or would like to discuss a particular application.


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