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Is Your Instrument Dry??? The Importance of Desiccant Maintenance

It is summer time and hot and humid conditions are upon us. Now is a good time to check and make sure your instruments are equipped with the proper desiccant.

For equipment with vented level sensors, the desiccant prevents moisture from getting into the vent tube that provides a reference to atmospheric pressure. Failure to maintain the desiccant will allow moisture to block the vent tube causing a loss of reference to atmospheric pressure. Eventually moisture will work its way down the vent tube to the sensor and cause sensor failure. If you have a vented pressure sensor that no longer seems to hold its calibration, there is a good chance moisture in the vent tube is the problem. Equipment using vented level sensors includes: ISCO 4150, 4250, 2150 Area Velocity Flow Meters, ISCO 750 and 720 Flow Modules and In-Situ Level Troll 500, 700, and In-Situ Troll 9500 Water Quality Sondes.

For bubbler level and flow meters with internal air systems, the desiccant filters the moisture from the in-coming air. Bubbler systems are somewhat more tolerant then pressure sensors of moisture; however failure to maintain the desiccant can cause an air system failure. Equipment using internal bubbler systems include; ISCO 4230 Flow Meters and 730 Flow Modules.

In addition there are also other internal desiccant bags or cans in most ISCO and In-Situ equipment that need to be maintained on a less frequent basis, but are non-the-less important.

We stock for quick delivery: bulk desiccant, replacement desiccant cartridges, desiccant bags, hydrophobic filters and other drying accessories for all the equipment we sell.

Let us know the model numbers of the equipment you are using and we can make sure you get the proper supplies to keep your instrument dry.

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