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Instruments and analyzers to monitor the quality and quantity of surface water; including Flow Discharge, Storm Water Run-off, Water Level Recorders.

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers for Streams, Channels and Rivers

The StreamPro ADCP

Discharge Measurement in Small Streams and Open Channels

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RiverRay ADCP

River Discharge System Delivering High Quality Data in a 0.5m Stream or a 40m River

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ChannelMaster ADCP

High Performance Horizontal ADCP for Open Channel Flow Monitoring

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The Q-Boat

Remotely operated boat for ADCP measurements


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CTD Loggers, Water Level Recorders

Aqua Troll 200 CTD Data Logger

Measures and records water level & pressure, conductivity, and temperature. Vented or non-vented.

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Level TROLL 500

Records water level, pressure, and temperature in sub-1 inch applications. 

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Level TROLL 700H

Records water level, pressure, and temperature in sub-1 inch applications. Meets the OSW Surface-Water Specification. Records water level, pressure, and temperature. 

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Stormwater Monitoring Stations

Rain Guage + Flow Meter + Auto Sampler

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Multi-Parameter Water Quality Probes

Aqua TROLL 500

Flexible multi-parameter sonde with smartphone interface for profiling and spot checking.


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UnAttended Aqua TROLL 600

Powerful Multi-parameter sonde with self-cleaning brush for longer deployments and more accurate data collection

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