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Industries We Serve.

Water is essential to all life, therefore we take great care to ensure your water monitoring needs are serviced with the industry’s highest quality products and maintained by our professionally trained technicians; not only for protection of life but for the environment upon which we rely on for our sustenance.

We focus on every aspect of water, from the time it leaves the ground, through it many uses in residential, commercial or industrial systems and ultimately back into the environment, whether through a treatment system or as run off, clean water is essential to a healthy ecosystem.

Surface Water

All the tools to complete your environmental & water quality studies in the Surface Water Industry. ADFM, Acoustic meters to measure using Acoustic Doppler Channel Profiler (ADCP), a tool that measures velocity & flow rates of rivers and streams.


Waste Water

In the Waste Water Industry, government guidelines provided by the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), which is regulated by the EPA, requires measurement for suspended solids in treated water. Measure water quality with safe and reliable flow meters, made by Khrone magmeters.

Sewer Collection

Maintain sewer collection standards and infrastructure with dependable flow measurement tools and auto samplers to prevent illegal wastewater discharge. 

Drinking Water

Our products and services provide auto sampling, flow measurement, water quality and water level reading to make sure you're meeting the government guidelines for safe drinking water. 

Ground Water

Reliable tools to monitor coal ash, measure Ph, turbidity, and oxygen. At CCLynch, we'll provide you with the service and tools to meet all the regulations. 


Top rated products, auto samplers, outfall measurement, and discharge flow measurement. Our telemetry products, ISCO 2105, pushes to the cloud & In-Situ Sondes push to the dedicated server. 

Dams and Reservoirs

Radial Gates, Bonneted Gate Valves and Fixed Cone Valves used for Dam and Reservoir flow control.

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