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In-Situ, Releases LevelTROLL 700H Meeting USGS OSW Accuracy Specification

Level TROLL 700In-Situ, Inc. has released the LevelTROLL 700H which meets the United States Geological Survey’s Office of Surface Water Accuracy Specification required for river/stream stage-discharge measurements and/or reservoir monitoring.  The LevelTROLL 700H has an accuracy spec of +/-0.01 foot or 0.2% of the effective stage which is defined as, “the height of the water surface above the orifice or other point of exposure of the sensor to the water body.”  The LevelTROLL 700H is available as a 15 PSIG (vented) unit and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.  All units supplied to the USGS are tested at the Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility to confirm meeting the accuracy specification.


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