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In-Situ, Inc. Replaceable Battery Pack for LevelTROLL/AquaTROLL Instruments

In-Situ, Inc. has released the TROLL Replaceable Battery Pack compatible with all AquaTROLL 100/200 and LevelTROLL 300/500/700 instruments.

    • Sub 2-inch diameter design
    • Compatible with extra large desiccant and large ABS desiccant
    • Allows for pass through communication
    • Uses off the shelf batteries (recommend AA Energizer Lithium)

Estimated Battery Lifetime

Replaceable Battery Pack

AquaTROLL 100/200

LevelTROLL 300/500/700

15 Minute Logging Rate (all parameters)

5.75 years

1.6 years

1 hour logging rate

7 years

1.7 years

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