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In-Situ, Inc. Extra Large Desiccant for TROLL Instruments

In-Situ, Inc. released an Extra Large Desiccant for their LevelTROLL 500/700, AquaTROLL 200, and TROLL 9500 instruments.  Properly maintaining the desiccant on a vented pressure transducer is essential to its operation.  A vented pressure transducer must maintain an open pathway to the atmosphere from the backside of the strain gauge in order to cancel out the effects of barometric pressure.  The vent tube has a very small inner diameter and even a single drop could block the vent resulting in inaccurate level readings due to changes in barometric pressure and temperature.  Over time, or with a rapid flooding event, moisture can make its way down the vent tube to the electronics and damage the probe.  This is why we always recommend using a desiccant on a vented pressure transducer.  In-Situ, Inc.’s new Extra Large Desiccant nearly doubles the capacity of desiccant beads from the Large Desiccant (30 g vs. 52 g).

 Estimated Desiccant Life

Ambient Conditions

Large Desiccant

Extra Large Desiccant

95 Degrees F, 90% Relative Humidity

6 weeks

9 months

 In-Situ, Inc. desiccant beads will change from blue to pink as it becomes saturated with moisture.

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