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Finally Say Goodbye to Circular Chart Recorders!

ISCO’s Signature meter is for open channel flow monitoring at wastewater treatment plants, industrial pretreatment and permanent outfall monitoring locations.

The Signature has bubbler and/or ultrasonic level sensor options – plus an array of additional sensor inputs; such as pH, DO, Turbidity, Chlorine, etc.

The internal data logger provides over 12 months of stored daily, weekly and monthly reports. A USB ‘jump drive’ automatically downloads data into a fixed report, eliminating storage and deciphering of outdated circular charts.

Diagnostic Report – Results provide confidence in data quality.

Program Report – Tracks changes to meter configuration to ensure proper set up and documentation.

History Report – Tracks user and meter events (level adjustment and program changes).

Summary Report – Documents data measurements: Daily Min/Max/Average to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Download reports directly to USB!


Stores over a year in reports!



For existing meters which still function properly, but do not store, or report, readings digitally, integrating its signal into Signature provides a common platform for control action, reporting and communication.

Sensor inputs include:  4-20 (1-4), Modbus ASCII/RTU (2), SDI-12 (2).

Communication options include USB Driver, Ethernet and cellular phone.  Internal modems allow remote programming and high-speed data transmission.  Also available is automatic alarm messaging which can be sent to multiple designated contact lists as SMS text or e-mail messages.

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