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Extend the Life of Your Refrigerated Sampler

The FR series refrigerated samplers by Isco are designed for long life in harsh outdoor environments.  The UV protected fiberglass outer shell and powder coated metal components make the FR the perfect selection for all outdoor applications.  Most FR units easily last 10 years, but there are few things that you can do to extend the life of your refrigerated sampler.

Elevating your refrigerated sampler on grated platform will help increase air circulation around the compressor allowing it to run cooler and increasing its life.  Also, elevating the unit off the ground will lower the risk of water damage due to flash flooding as well as decreasing the risk of fire ant and other insect infestations which can short out electrical components.  When considering the height of the platform, take into consideration the final height of the control panel on the sampler making sure it will be at a comfortable viewing height.  Also make sure that the platform is sturdy enough for the weight of the sampler.

The location of your sampler is another important consideration.  If the location is in a flood prone area, then an elevated platform is a must.  Also consider the air quality of the location, for example, do not place the sampler on grating directly over the treatment plant headworks where H2S gases are present. This is not only bad for the equipment, but also bad for the operator.  In this example, locate the sampler off the side or at least on a solid surface so the gases can’t rise directly up into the components.

Although the FR refrigerated samplers are designed to be outdoors, protecting the sampler from direct sunlight on hot summer days will increase its cooling efficiency.  Creating a shade over your sampler not only extends the life of the compressor but also reduces the operating cost of the unit.

For cold winter days, make sure you’ve taken precautions against freezing suction lines.  The sampler is designed to purge water out of the suction line before and after sampling.  Take into consideration the routing of the suction line, ensuring that there are no swags or loops that might trap water and prevent the sampler from properly purging the line.  Water trapped in the suction line can freeze causing anything from missed samples to ruptured pump tubing.  Proper suction line routing should be a downward grade from the sampler pump to the sample source.

Another protection from freezing as well as from sun degradation of plastic tubing is to wrap the suction line with foam pipe insulation. Blocking the sunlight will also help if algae growth within the suction line is an issue.

These are just a few of the common things you can do to extend the life of your refrigerated sampler.  For more detailed information on your specific application please contact us anytime.


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